Have you ever seen a plastic bag on a highway at the mercy of the cars hitting it floating back and forth and up and down repeatedly? Each car that hits it determines what will happen to it next and it floats around in the air aimlessly.

This is a powerful visual for what happens to you when your day gets derailed. We’ve all had those days when we have our own ideas of how we want things to go and then one thing after another outside of our control seems to derail us throughout the day and it feels very frustrating and de-motivating. You may feel that the day is doomed or will be a waste.

In those moments, you unintentionally become a victim to circumstances and essentially get aimlessly flung around without intention, purpose, or direction much like that plastic bag.

The tips I’m about to share have helped many of our clients climb out of some of their most frustrating moments and days and gain a renewed motivation and momentum without wasting the rest of their day or week.

1. Acknowledge and accept your frustration. We’re all human and experience emotions so first and foremost, let yourself simply acknowledge how frustrated or upset you may be about getting derailed instead of not paying attention to your feelings about it. Then tell yourself that it’s okay to get frustrated or upset and that it’s understandable under the circumstances because it’s important that you give yourself permission to feel how you feel and accept it.

2. Release your frustration and recognize that it doesn’t serve you. No matter what happens in your day, if you’re not feeling good about it, then those thoughts don’t serve you in a positive way. If something doesn’t serve you to move forward in a positive way, release it. It’s not too late to re-shape the rest of your day even if it’s already the afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter what has already happened. As Eckhart Tolle says, “Die to the past every moment. You don’t need it.” You don’t regain your inner power from the past. You gain it from the present moment making new choices.

3. Hit a mental “re-set” button. Make a conscious choice to hit a mental “re-set” button because each new moment is a new opportunity. A new chance to choose to look at something more positively or productively and to take action from an empowered place rather than from “victim mode.” Focus on what is in your control and what you can do between now and the end of the day, even if it’s only one thing. Take action, no matter how small, on whatever is in your control that day to move yourself forward positively and acknowledge that as a “win” however small it may feel. That alone can powerfully shift your energy to gain a renewed focus, motivation, and momentum.

4. If the negative momentum is too strong, start fresh tomorrow. In some cases, if the momentum of the negative aspects of your day is so strong, sometimes, the best thing to do is to let it be, go to sleep, and allow the next day to be a fresh start. If you’re too tired or too unwilling to hit the “re-set” button, don’t beat yourself up. Let it go and give yourself a new opportunity the following day.

Here’s to hitting your “re-set” button and to your success!