As legal talent development experts, we combine deep knowledge of the legal industry, executive management experience, and coaching and training expertise to deliver customized training programs for lawyers at all levels of experience.     

Leadership Development

  • Traits & habits of strong leaders
  • Influence / executive presence
  • Getting buy-in
  • Working & leading across multiple generations 
  • Leadership training for practice group chairs
  • Talent retention / employee engagement / motivation
  • Emotional intelligence / self-awareness
  • Growth mindset / continuous learning
  • Innovation / strategic risk taking
  • Visioning & alignment
  • Improving law firm culture

Management Skills

  • Delegation / accountability
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Managing others (managing up, down, and across)
  • Managing competing priorities / productivity
  • Productive conflict / managing difficult personalities
  • High performing team dynamics
  • Goal setting / strategic planning
  • Proactive career management

Business Development

  • Mindsets, traits & habits of star rainmakers
  • Networking / relationship building / “powerbase”
  • Target market / ideal clients
  • How to talk about what you do / elevator pitch
  • Personal branding 
  • Savvy & subtle self-promotion
  • Effective cross-selling
  • Mastering the “ask” / attending pitches / closing deals
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
  • Business development action plan

Communication & Presentation Skills

  • Speaking with confidence & influence
  • Active listening 
  • Effective story-telling
  • Adapting communication to personality styles
  • Making presentations engaging
  • Overcoming public speaking anxiety

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Successful women’s initiatives
  • Developing cultural competence
  • Leading inclusive meetings
  • Recognizing patronizing behaviors
  • The role of privilege 
  • Sponsorship & mentorship programs

Well-being, Mental Health & Stress Management

  • Resilience / mental toughness
  • Peak performance / increasing energetic capacity
  • Mindfulness

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Our firm invited Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant to lead a kick-off program for our local Women’s Initiative group as we were looking for content that would inspire our women lawyers to ongoing action. Marla and Yuliya delivered a well thought-out program that was both inspiring and practical filled with tips and strategies that our lawyers can implement immediately. Because they are lawyers themselves, Marla’s and Yuliya’s examples and case studies were relevant and on-point, reflecting the realities of the daily pressures women lawyers face and they offer real answers and solutions. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the program from our attorneys who felt energized, uplifted and motivated to implement new strategies to take greater ownership of their success.
Partner, Practice Group Co-chair, Greenberg Traurig
Our Firm invited 20/20 Leadership Group to lead a program at our annual associate retreat. Through the Powerbase seminar, our attorneys gained valuable and practical strategies to identify key relationships and grow their networks. This program did a great job providing actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. We received a lot of positive feedback and we plan to build on the Powerbase concepts in our future business development programming! I would highly recommend the Powerbase seminar. Thank you!
Elizabeth Brady Murillo, Director of Professional Development, Burns & Levinson LLP
I invited 20/20 Leadership Group to lead a program for our firm’s attorneys as part of our monthly professional development series. Yuliya and Marla led an interactive workshop that equipped our lawyers with advanced communication strategies to help them be more effective and get better results with colleagues, clients and prospective clients. They offered real-life examples that our attorneys could easily relate to since Marla and Yuliya are both lawyers themselves. We’ve received great feedback from our lawyers about the workshop and will definitely invite 20/20 Leadership Group to work with our attorneys again.
Alina Quintana, Recruiting and Professional Development Manager, Shutts & Bowen LLP
I invited Marla to speak on a panel that I organized because I knew she would provide valuable advice to attendees at the event. Marla did not disappoint. She shared practical and valuable tips, best practices, and advice that I am confident will make a powerful impact on the careers of lawyers who attended the event. Marla has a wealth of knowledge, and she is a remarkable person.
Kristen Corpion | Attorney, Greenberg Traurig
Marla and Yuliya’s workshop provided great fundamentals to begin the process of building a book of business. They provided perfect advice for attorneys who need to develop relationship-building skills as their careers advance.
Katrina Gleber, Esq. | Executive Director and Senior Counsel , Kaplan Inc.

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