In today’s highly competitive and globalized legal market, achieving success requires new, innovative approaches. Coaching has been shown to be highly effective in helping lawyers achieve results where traditional training alone has failed. These results include adopting new, success-oriented mindsets and habits, increasing productivity and profitability, reducing stress and boosting resilience, improving overall levels of career satisfaction, and preparing for future opportunities as leaders of law firms and communities.

In short, coaching helps lawyers achieve their most important professional goals and law firms get the highest ROI on their most important assets, their people.

As certified coaches, that’s what we do. And as former practicing attorneys, we speak “lawyer” fluently.

We offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching packages to lawyers and law firms. We also offer hybrid programs, which combine one-on-one coaching, group masterminds, and our online training platform. Additionally, we offer on-demand coaching packages, making coaching accessible to your entire firm, practice group, or a designated segment of attorneys (e.g., newly elected partners, senior associates in their partnership elevation year, etc). We also offer train-the-trainer sessions to equip your professional development staff with expert coaching strategies. All coaching packages can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Leveraging over 20 years of combined experience in law, business, and executive management, our certified coaches have expertise in coaching and training lawyers in the following areas:

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Leadership Development Coaching 

In order for any law firm to thrive in today’s competitive legal market, it must have effective leaders in place at all levels. But the skills to be a successful leader are different from those to be a good lawyer. Led by experienced lawyers and certified leadership development coaches, 20/20 Leadership Group’s leadership development coaching programs are specifically designed for forward looking law firms that want to remain competitive and attract the best talent to successfully develop their attorneys and “rising stars” to lead with confidence.

As lawyers themselves, our certified leadership development coaches adapt their approach to the realities of practicing law. Using time-tested methodologies, our certified coaches help lawyers:

  • Discover their unique leadership style and learn to effectively leverage it for maximum impact
  • Improve leadership presence, communication, and influence to lead more effectively
  • Uncover potential “blind spots” that may be limiting their leadership effectiveness
  • Implement leadership habits that optimize performance
  • Successfully manage people, projects, client expectations and their time
  • Create inclusive, multi-cultural teams and strengthen diversity initiatives
  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism that hinders progress
  • Avoid burnout by creating a synergistic relationship between work and personal life


Utilizing practical strategies, behavioral science and transformative coaching techniques while following a comprehensive business development curriculum, and utilizing group or private coaching, we help lawyers create a platform for developing business at any level of seniority. They will get concrete, effective techniques, set specific goals and create the accountability they need to move their business development efforts forward and expand business for the firm. Because our coaches are lawyers themselves, our business development coaching programs are designed to take the realities of practicing law into account. Our programs help lawyers:

  • Identify profitable niche practices, ideal clients and strategic alliance partners
  • Know where and how to market their expertise most effectively
  • Create their professional brand to distinguish themselves from peers & competition
  • Strategically develop valuable relationships inside and outside of the firm
  • Learn the science and the art of savvy and subtle self-promotion
  • Get proven tools and strategies to confidently ask for business
  • Transform their connections into business relationships
  • Learn effective cross-selling strategies
  • And much more!

To learn more about 20/20 Leadership Group’s Rainmaking Academy, our digital on-demand business development training platform for lawyers, please click HERE.

Networking & Strategic Relationship Building & Management

Our proven, proprietary “relationship gem” system will help lawyers develop their network and build, strengthen and leverage the relationships that make the biggest impact on the bottom line and success so that lawyers can make more money, get more clients, keep clients longer, advance their careers and attract top opportunities. We help attorneys:

  • Build and expand their professional networks using proven networking tools
  • Achieve strong “real-ationships” for maximum value and success
  • Successfully manage difficult relationships and effectively deal with conflict
  • Keep clients longer and land top opportunities
  • Increase their impact and influence within their firm and externally
  • Nurture key relationships in ways that are approachable and achievable
  • Identify and create an action plan to develop their future “powerbase”

Accelerate Your Promotion to Partner

In today’s increasingly competitive legal world, scores of qualified candidates are pushing up against the doors of partnership. But for most, the process of achieving partnership is a mysterious process, and as a result, many do not actually get there. We help lawyers demystify what it really takes to become partner, equip them with proven, high-impact strategies, and create a fast track action plan to help them get there. We help lawyers:

  • Prepare a winning partnership promotion memorandum
  • Build strong relationships with the key influencers and decision makers
  • Become a rainmaker and learn to retain clients longer
  • Increase their value and influence within the firm
  • Understand the business of law and law firm economics
  • Create a clear action plan to stay focused and on partnership fast track

Successful Lateral Integration Strategies

Many law firms see lateral hiring as a future growth strategy, and yet, less than a third finds that hiring laterals had been “very effective” in the past. With firms spending upwards of $600,000 to recruit lateral candidates, that is one costly initiative. To top it off, almost half of the lateral attorneys end up unsatisfied with their move and leave the firm within five years. We help law firms and lateral lawyers to ensure that their significant investment of money, time and resources is supported with a solid integration plan and implementation. Our proven strategies and expert coaching will help lawyers:

  • Set clear lateral integration and business development goals
  • Identify key relationships within the firm and develop a relationship building plan
  • Determine what strategies would work best to achieve integration goals
  • Develop a solid action plan incorporating those strategies
  • Create accountability systems to drive consistent results

Master Time Management & Boost Your Productivity

Time is (literally) money! For lawyers, their most precious resource is time. And how efficient and productive they are with their time can make or break their success as a lawyer. We help lawyers become more productive (and more profitable as a result!) by helping them learn new mindsets, adopting empowering behaviors, and overcoming productivity barriers with our non-traditional, creative techniques and solutions. Through our work together, lawyers will:

  • Uncover the causes of procrastination to stop putting off important tasks
  • Stop feeling unfocused, overextended, and unproductive
  • Learn to set clear goals and prioritize effectively
  • Organize work flow to save time and get more done
  • Boost daily focus and motivation
  • Learn to delegate and use internal resources for best results
  • Create personalized productivity and task management systems that work

Advance Your Legal Career

Many lawyers believe that hard work alone will ultimately lead to career advancement. That’s not necessarily the case. Oftentimes, perfectly smart and talented lawyers – even those who do a superb job – are passed over for career promotions, interesting cases, and opportunities. For lawyers who are ready to finally be recognized for everything they do, get respect they deserve, and get promoted, we can help them:

  • Uncover exactly what’s been standing in the way of their success
  • Learn the art of smart & savvy self-promotion to finally be recognized for all they do
  • Discover how to ask for what they want without getting rejected
  • Learn how to consistently get assigned to work on interesting matters
  • Get the strategies to connect with powerful mentors and sponsors
  • Set clear boundaries at work without losing respect or credibility
  • Navigate corporate politics to expand their influence and avoid political landmines

Successfully Transition to New Opportunities

More and more attorneys are applying their legal acumen to the business world or alternative careers, but the transition is seldom a smooth one. We know how to successfully make this transition, because our coaches have done it. Our coaching process will help lawyers:

  • Gain much needed clarity on what they really want from their professional life
  • Uncover their relevant innate behavioral traits to help them identify professional positions and environments best suited for them
  • Determine which professional opportunities to pursue and develop an initial specific set of next steps to reach their goals
  • Strategically market their legal background for a career in a new field
  • Successfully make the transition into a leadership role in law or business
  • Make a superb impression on their new employer and lay the foundation to get key results
  • Perfect their interviewing skills to get the job of their dreams

Advance Women and Other Diverse Attorneys

Women and other diverse attorneys are grossly underrepresented in law firm leadership and rainmaker roles. More and more clients are exerting pressure on firms to account for the diversity discrepancies.  Strengthening women’s and diversity initiatives in law firms to leverage the different capabilities, values and styles that balanced leadership and work teams offer is the new frontier for forward looking law firms that want to remain competitive and attract the best talent. Our coaches can help law firms:

  • Develop strategies to create inclusive, multi-cultural teams of lawyers and leaders in firms
  • Implement programs to accomplish business development and advancement goals
  • Remove obstacles to the advancement of diverse attorneys
  • Stand out in the marketplace and ensure thriving client relationships

Speak with Confidence & Present Like a Pro

Powerful communication and presentation skills are essential in today’s global legal market. And while generally lawyers are viewed as strong communicators, when it comes to presenting for purposes of developing new business or advocating for themselves, many lawyers have never been taught the fundamentals of effective communication. As a result, they are not communicating or presenting with authority, influence, or confidence. Our certified coaches, who are experienced public speakers, will help lawyers:

  • Uncover their natural communication style and strategies to leverage it for maximum impact
  • Discover how to adapt their communication style to others to drive better results
  • Tap into their emotional intelligence to increase their influence internally and externally
  • Know when and how to speak up in meetings without feeling uncomfortable
  • Get expert tips and industry secrets to become a powerful public speaker
  • Learn how to design their next presentation, keynote, or client pitch for most engagement and impact

Boost Your Cultural Intelligence to Lead & Do Business in a Multicultural Environment

A common misconception is that people challenges in multinational environments arise from language barriers. But this is only one element that contributes to potential misalignment, misunderstanding, conflict, or inefficiencies among multicultural team members or when working across borders. Today, career success depends on each lawyer’s ability to interact with, manage, lead and do business with people of different cultures, whether in their own country or abroad.  For any lawyer who is looking to rise in this global economy, developing their cultural intelligence is a must. With over 10 years of cross-cultural working experience, our coaches will help lawyers:

  • Understand how their own culture compares to other cultures around the world
  • Learn effective cross-cultural communication strategies to gain buy-in and support
  • Equip themselves with effective strategies to handle intercultural conflicts
  • Know how to develop trust and understanding fast with colleagues and clients from other cultures
  • Get expert leadership strategies to effectively lead multicultural teams

Boost Resilience, Decrease Stress and Improve Performance

It is common for lawyers to feel frustrated by the never-ending demands of the profession and exhausted from trying to juggle them all. There are proven tools and strategies to boost resilience and improve performance and productivity to create a life with less stress and overwhelm and more focus and happiness. Our certified coaches will help lawyers:

  • Avoid burnout and gain renewed energy and enthusiasm
  • Learn powerful mindfulness techniques to effectively manage stress and anxiety
  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism that hinders progress
  • Successfully manage people, projects, client expectations and their time
  • Set boundaries without losing respect or credibility
  • Create a synergistic relationship between work and personal life

Improve Associate Engagement & Reduce Costly Attrition

Associate turnover is one of the most frustrating and cost-draining aspects of any law firm. We work with law firm leaders, practice group chairs, office managing partners, and professional development teams to develop strategies and hone the skills needed to motivate, retain and develop talented lawyers to increase productivity, decrease costly turnover and establish a pipeline of future leaders. The strategies we develop together will help leaders:

  • Increase productivity and teamwork
  • Improve associate morale and reduce attrition rates
  • Become a magnet for top talent
  • Experience ease and confidence leading their practice group, office or firm
  • Free up their time to focus on high-value issues


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