In our fast paced society, many attorneys find themselves spending much of their time and energy thinking about what they need or want as opposed to capitalizing on what they already have. Though it is essential to have goals and focus on what you want, you can often get what you want based on what you already have. This is especially true when it comes to your professional relationships. Do you realize that most attorneys are unknowingly sitting on a “pot of gold” when it comes to their network of contacts? You can discover loads of treasure without stepping a foot outside of your office or home. Think of your network of contacts as your own “treasure chest” filled with relationships that have not been developed or leveraged to the maximum extent possible. Those relationships represent your “hidden gems” of untapped potential.

It is common for attorneys to have tons of contacts, but few attorneys truly leverage their relationships to get the maximum value out of them because most do not have a strategic process to create powerful relationships. Given that it is easy to get consumed by consistent pressing deadlines, billable hours, client demands and numerous other competing priorities, relationship building often gets neglected.

What if you knew that getting strategic about relationship building will allow you to make more money, be more successful, advance your career faster, get more clients, keep clients longer, attract top opportunities and achieve greater job security? In that case, building powerful relationships becomes absolutely critical. You may be questioning whether you have the time for strategic relationship building when your schedule is already overloaded. The bottom line is that developing strong relationships with key people is not a “would be nice to have”, but a “must have” for true success. So the real question is how badly do you want what you want for yourself?

The good news is that building powerful relationships is something that can be learned and will yield valuable results for you time and time again. Moreover, it can be accomplished in small steps and ways that don’t require huge chunks of your time.

I use a powerful step-by-step strategic relationship building process with my clients and it begins with going on a “treasure hunt”. The first step is to dig through your “treasure chest” of contacts for the hidden “relationship gems”. Since you probably have hundreds of contacts, it is not realistic to plan on developing deep, long lasting relationships with every single one of your contacts. Instead, once you are clear on what success would look like for you in your career, then you search through your contacts to identify the 10-15 individuals who will be most important to you achieving your ultimate goals.

The criteria for determining who should be in your top 10-15 list is about how key those people will be to you reaching your goals as opposed to who are your biggest fans. This means that your key individuals will likely include people who you like or who like you as well as people who you don’t like or who may not like you. It will also include people who you know very well and some you don’t know well at all. Once you’ve identified your key contacts, then you can begin to assess your relationship with each of them, get to really know each person and develop individualized strategies to strengthen each of those relationships. This first step of identifying your key contacts sets forth the foundation for your entire relationship building process so you want to take a comprehensive look at who you know and leave no stone unturned!

Who are your hidden gems of untapped potential??

Wishing you much success,