This article was originally printed in the November 2018 issue of the NALP Bulletin – click here to read the full version now.


Now more than ever, law firm leaders understand that the key to sustainable growth in the current business landscape depends not only on the quality of their lawyers’ legal talent, but also on their lawyers’ abilities to generate new business. And while lawyers are trained to excel at lawyering, many typically receive no formal training (in law school or private practice) to succeed in business development.

As the Baby Boomer generation of lawyers transitions out, it is up to the younger Gen Xers and Millennials (senior associates and junior partners typically around 30 to 45 years old) to become the new breed of business developers in law firms. The way lawyers who are part of this new breed become effective rainmakers differs drastically from prior generations, so it’s critical for law firm leaders to better understand how to support these lawyers.

To find out what really drives and motivates this new breed of lawyers and what law firms can do better to develop their future rainmakers, click HERE for our latest article on this topic published in the NALP Bulletin November 2018 issue.


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