Happy New Year! We hope that you enjoyed the holiday season and we wish you a year of meaningful breakthroughs in 2018.

However, to reach your breakthroughs you need… a PLAN!

But many lawyers don’t even identify their important long-terms goals, let alone spend time mapping them out or focusing on achieving them throughout the year.
How about you? Do you know what your specific business development goals are? Have you clearly articulated and quantified them? Have you actually written them down with specificity?

The truth is that most lawyers have only a vague idea of what their goals are.

​​​​​But how are you supposed to know what to do when your ultimate outcomes are not clear?

Part of the problem is that as lawyers, we were not taught the right strategies to do this kind of important long-term goal setting and planning in the first place. And most firms don’t provide their lawyers with an effective process.
Here is what you can do to create a solid plan for 2018:

Step #1: Set aside some “thinking time”

Imagine that! Giving yourself time to think about your biggest goals! Just taking a break from the hectic pace of life to sit and reflect is an incredibly powerful thing you can do for your future. You’d be surprised what may come up for you if you just dedicate even 20-30 minutes to this exercise. If you haven’t done it yet, you owe yourself at least that.
​​​​​​Step #2: Use a proven business development plan

​​​​​​​Creating and implementing your business development plan enables you to take control of your career and what you are able to accomplish in a given year. The trick is to create a plan that you can actually use. But the majority of the plans out there are long, multi-page documents that take forever to fill out and are hard to use on a daily basis.

Which is why we created a 2-Page Business Development Plan for Lawyers that is comprehensive and yet simple and easy to use. It’s designed in a canvas format and is only 2 pages! ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Our Practice Development Plan is designed to give you an “at-a-glance” view of your entire practice development process and your annual goals and targets. It is in a visual PDF format and is “fillable,” which means that you can complete it electronically and edit as needed. Want to print it out? Use “Legal” size paper for the best layout.

Ready for 2018 to be your year of breakthroughs?

Download our Practice Development Plan and begin creating your roadmap to success now!