6 Strategies to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

* This article was originally published in the March 2018 Newsletter of the Organization of Women in International Trade ("OWIT").  We’ve all been there. You go to a networking event or meet a new contact, introduce yourself, have a nice chat, and then…. nothing happens. Or you may even try to follow up, but it [...]

A Key Quality that will Distinguish You from Others

The iconic book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, includes a true story about a man who searched for the mother lode during the California Gold Rush. The story goes that a man caught by the “gold fever” went out west to pursue his dream to dig for gold and make a fortune. With [...]

[VIDEO] How to Introduce Yourself to Others When You Do More Than One Thing

Do you ever struggle with how to best introduce yourself when meeting new contacts, especially if you do several things in your practice or serve several types of clients? It's not so easy, is it? That's why in today's Rainmaking Academy Office Hours video we are sharing our tips on how to introduce yourself most effectively. [...]

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What Makes You a Great Lawyer Can Also Make You a Great Relationship Builder

By now, most lawyers recognize that legal talent alone is not enough to achieve optimal success in the profession.  Those who really "get it" understand that attorneys who create valuable and powerful relationships are the ones who gain the leading edge.   Nevertheless, some lawyers shy away from relationship building or don't feel like they [...]

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Top 10 Client Appreciation Ideas for Lawyers

Have you ever met anyone who does not like to be appreciated or thanked for their efforts or accomplishments? I haven't and I bet neither have you. Everyone likes to be appreciated and treated well even if they don't show it on the surface. And this of course includes your clients. Surprisingly, many lawyers often forget this simple truth and [...]

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3 Powerful & Little-Known Tips to Leverage Your LinkedIn Network

Did you know that you are probably sitting on a “gold mine” when it comes to your LinkedIn network? The truth is that we succeed or fail by the quality of our relationships. Many attorneys really only use LinkedIn when they are looking for a job, to showcase their profile and/or because “everyone is on [...]

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Are You Falling into this Common Trap?

As an attorney who had to bill for my time, I understood the importance of documenting and tracking all of my time from my very first day practicing law over 10 years ago. I appreciated the need to have a process to account for my time on client matters and the process, of course, involved [...]

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How Your Contacts Are Your Hidden Gems

In our fast paced society, many attorneys find themselves spending much of their time and energy thinking about what they need or want as opposed to capitalizing on what they already have. Though it is essential to have goals and focus on what you want, you can often get what you want based on what [...]

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3 Steps to Effective Law Firm Client Follow-up

As professionals, we all understand that following up with our prospective, existing and former clients is important. The hope of course is that this will help us turn them into long-term, loyal clients that will keep coming back over and over and over again. And while most lawyers do some follow-up, most find it challenging to do it consistently. And [...]

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