13 Questions to Answer to Create a Powerful Vision for Your Law Practice

As we are nearing the start of a new decade, many of our lawyer clients are beginning to set their goals for the new year and beyond. And the first step in any strategic planning process is to create a vision. What is a Vision? Your vision is your idea of what your practice and your career [...]

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[VIDEO] Business Development from the “Inside Out”

As a lawyer, do you feel that you are wasting your time going to networking events or doing other business development activities? That's because you are likely missing this critical step. In this video blog, strategic coach for lawyers, 20/20 Leadership Group's co-founder, and creator of the Rainmaking Academy Yuliya LaRoe shares why as [...]

Why Women Lawyers Need Sponsors, Not Just Mentors

Mentoring in the legal profession is not new. For women lawyers, in particular, mentors can be invaluable sources of guidance on everything from the nuts and bolts of the practice to work/life balance strategies. Many firms have formal mentoring programs for associates, pairing them with a partner or senior associate who can help them develop [...]

6 Strategies to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

* This article was originally published in the March 2018 Newsletter of the Organization of Women in International Trade ("OWIT").  We’ve all been there. You go to a networking event or meet a new contact, introduce yourself, have a nice chat, and then…. nothing happens. Or you may even try to follow up, but it [...]

A Key Quality that will Distinguish You from Others

The iconic book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, includes a true story about a man who searched for the mother lode during the California Gold Rush. The story goes that a man caught by the “gold fever” went out west to pursue his dream to dig for gold and make a fortune. With [...]

How to Create Your 2018 Attorney Business Development Plan [Free Download]

Happy New Year! We hope that you enjoyed the holiday season and we wish you a year of meaningful breakthroughs in 2018. However, to reach your breakthroughs you need... a PLAN! But many lawyers don't even identify their important long-terms goals, let alone spend time mapping them out or focusing on achieving them throughout the year. [...]

Lawyers as Business Leaders: Overcoming Stereotypes

Law is a profession. But it’s also a business. You simply can’t be successful at one without being successful at the other. You may have the courtroom skills to match the greatest lawyers to ever stand before a judge, but if you haven’t built a book of business, you won’t be using those skills on [...]

The 3 Critical Things You Need to Be Doing if Partnership Is Your 2016 Goal

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, and, unfortunately, once again the Miami Dolphins will be watching the game from home. In football, the “red zone” is what they call the last 20 yards before the end zone. The team has been painstakingly moving down the field yard by yard; making all the right moves [...]

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Destination Unknown: Taking Control Over Your Legal Career Journey

The American Lawyer magazine recently released its annual survey of third through fifth-year associates at BigLaw firms. When I looked at the findings of the survey, the responses to one particular question really jumped out at me. These mid-level associates were asked: “What do you expect to be doing in five years?” Almost one-third of [...]